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Monday, December 26, 2011

We had “Company” for Christmas Eve

Actually, we have had company several times during this holiday season.  Back on the 18th, we had our “Native Family” over the share a meal with us to celebrate Solstice.  Mommy made a chicken stew and chocolate cake.  But I didn’t get any.  I was a pest and had to spend most of the evening in my crate.

But on Christmas Eve, Ellen, Aunt Janet and Karen came to visit and I got to spend the evening with my family.

Mommy learned a few tricks from my mis-behaviour during the party on the 18th. 

She decided that it would be a good idea to give me a new toy to play with while everyone was talking.  I had to show it to everyone before I really decided to chew it.  This is my stuffing-less Fox.

My new toy was even more fun than my Mushroom with my dinner in it!  At least in my opinion.

Mommy also made sure to have plenty of my treats on hand.  They are so yummy, I could not take my eyes off the bag!!!  I left a drool mark on the table cloth.  Mommy was not thrilled with that.

When everyone was opening their presents, I just could not resist poking my nose in to see what everyone got.  I didn’t get to sample, but I did get to look.

After all the excitement was over (ie, the food eaten and presents open) I curled up under the table while they talked.

Mommy said I was a very good boy and Santa Paws would surely visit me that night.

I’ll tell you what he brought me tomorrow.

Doggy Kisses,



  1. Your new toy looks like a lot of fun, and we're so glad you got to spend time with the family on the 24th! Looks like it went well!

  2. hey Tanner,

    Great photos! You look so furry happy with your new fox stuffy! And he does look pawsome! And all those treats look very yummy! I probably would have left drool as well! :->

    I am so furry happy you got to spend time with your family during Christmas Eve! It looks like you had a wonderful time, and I bet sleeping under the table as all the humans talked was very comforting for you.

    I can't wait to see what Santa Paws brought you! I bet they are pawsome gifts!


  3. Sounds like a nice time. Can't wait to see what Santa brought you!

  4. Sounds like Mommy is on the right track for helping you be the best you possible! Just remind her that Drool Happens, even with the very best doggies. :)