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Join me on my journey as I grow to become part of my pack/family. We'll have a lot of fun along the way! Hopefully, I can make you laugh.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Word Wednesday -- Devastation!

Let's just say I had some stress to work out!
No wonder with all that is going on around here.

I am still getting play time, but sometimes.....

It all started with a stuffed Pig!
Mommy didn't take pics of it before she gave it to me. 
Just after!

Here is the Piggy's head!

And here is his body!

And here is his stuffing!

And here.......

And here.......

And here!
Mommy says it looks like WWIII hit!
But, I feel better!

Doggy Kisses,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tanner's Happenings

Sorry I have not posted to my blog for a week or so. 
My family has been a bit busy.

I am not sure what all of it means,
but Mommy says MJ is getting married.
We are having a wedding
And we are going to have company in our house.

MJ is all moved out.
I was not really allowed in his room when he lived here,
 so now, I am taking time to check it out.

Mommy and Daddy have been doing a lot of work in that room.
They had to take MJ's bed apart. 

He slept in something called a LOFT. 
This meant that his bed was way off the ground
and I could not give him "good morning kisses".

I supervised Daddy as he took it apart one evening last week.

It took some time & Daddy had to be careful about taking it apart.  He didn't want pieces to fall and scare me.

(By the way, doesn't Daddy look skinnier? 
 He has been going to the gym everyday with Mommy and Meg)

As he worked, he took piece out and gave them to Mommy.

I had to check them and make sure they were not treats.

Daddy worked up high....

And down low.


We have a lot more going on. 
I'll try to share more over the next few days. 
But Mommy is pretty busy. 
I am not sure how much time I will get.

Doggy Kisses,

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Back!

Mommy got the glitch fixed, so I am back posting!
I am also back from another weekend of camping!

We had a great time!
We saw a lot of things and did a lot of playing at the playground!

And Mommy, Daddy and I did a lot of relaxing!

I think I am really getting the hang of this camping thing!

What do you Think?

Doggy Kisses,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Worry! We will be back!

Mommy and I are missing out bloggy friends a lot.  We just wanted to stop by and let you all know we are all right.  We have been very busy playing and learning new tricks.

However, Mommy has not been able to get new photos ready for me to post due to a "software glitch".

We are working to get this resolved ASAP.

After all, you have not seen Daddy's Birthday presents yet!!!  Or his yummy birthday cupcakes.....

And we want to share all that with you.

Please be patient.  Mommy is not the most tech savy person and my paws are really big for the keys.

Doggy Kisses,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is the day that we celebrate Daddy!!!

Daddy is really special to Mommy, Meg and Me!

So we wanted to start his day off in a special way!

Daddy has been on a restrictive diet!

But today, the rules go out the window.

This is Daddy's Breakfast!

Looks yummy, doesn't it?

More good stuff to come as the day goes on!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!  And Many more !

Love you,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Without Me....

After two weeks of telling me about the "great adventure" that we were going to have, My Mommy, the person who loves me the most in this world, had the nerve to go on the adventure without me!!!

What nerve!!
I had to stay home in my crate.... All Day!!

Meg did let me out to go potty in the afternoon!!!  But she only threw my tennis ball one time.

I was not a happy puppy!!

But Mommy said that the weather was supposed to be really, really warm.  So she was afraid, with my long fur, I might get too hot.

So she went without me.

Mommy said she had a good day.  Here are some of the photos she brought back.

Mommy set up a booth to sell her beaded collars.

She had collars for little doggies and medium doggies.

And even some for Big Doggies.

She even took some of my collars to show people how they could get one for their puppy.

These doggies were Mommy's first sale of the day!

They each got some new 'bling' then they posed for a photo for Mommy!
Mommy said it was a good day for collar sales and she was able to make a nice donation to the SPCA.

I guess I can't be too upset about that.
After all, Rusty, the birthday boy, came from the SPCA.

He even stopped to have lunch with Mommy, Daddy and Aunt Sharon.

No, That isn't me!

Well, when Mommy did get home, she took me outside and we played for a long time. 
And I mean a LONG time! 
I got to say when we came in!!
That was fun.

Mommy says, next year I should be able to go. 
She is working on making sure I will have some shade when we do these events in the future.

Doggy Kisses,