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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life in the Swamp

Life in the Swamp!

This is what my back yard looked like the other day! 

We have been getting SOOO much rain that we can almost swim in the yard!
This is what I looked like when I came in from playing.
Yes, Mommy let me out in the mud.  She has to.  I NEED the exercise Every Day!!!  Rain or shine, we are outside.

Our biggest problem right now is that our outside hose is not working.  Mommy needs to find some way to try to get me clean. 

My paws are so muddy!  Mommy has been using a wet towel to try to get the top layer off!

But there is just SOOO much mud on my underside!

This is my front flank.

And my back flank!

And my nose!!
I am a muddy mess!!! 
The good news is, I am getting a bath on Thursday!!!  And these icky mats are going to be gone too!

Update on my recovery

As I mentioned last week, I got a clean bill of health from my vet.  Dr. A said that my wound is healing very well.  Here is what they looked like this weekend.
And the news that seems to be making Mommy and Daddy smile the most is this:  the dog that hurt me is not longer living in our neighborhood.  The family that he lived with decided that he was not a good fit for them and they have found him a new place to live.  Now I can relax and play again.

Hope you all had a great weekend,
Doggy Kisses,

Monday, January 30, 2012

What I did on my Gotcha Day

Birthday Wishes!

Mommy says that is what you are supposed to say to people!  I personally call mine a Bark Day!  But my Hu-brother MJ wants his to be a Birthday! 

Today, I want to wish him a happy 22nd Birthday!
He is a great Hu-brother!  And I hope he has a great Day today!!

Gotcha Day!

Saturday was my first "Gotcha Day"!  I was not sure what to expect, but Mommy seemed really happy and she promised me some fun.  So....
Well, the day started like every other day.  Mommy and I had cuddle time, we had breakfast, and I sat down and waited for Daddy to share his last bite of banana with me.  It was just like any other day!  Until....

Mommy put my harness on me and asked me if I wanted to go for a car ride!!  We didn't go too far in the car.  Just right across the street to my favorite pet store.

Daddy checked inside to make sure there were not too many doggies in the store.  We were really lucky.  Because they had just opened, we had the place to ourselves.

Mommy let me look around and sniff anywhere I wanted.

She even let me over by the toy rack.  And she kept asking me what I liked!  Was I going to get to take something home?

There were so many wonderful things, I just could not decide.  Of course, the balls caught my attention, but Mommy said we had plenty of those.  She wanted me to get an indoor toy!

While I sniffed in the corner,

 Daddy did some looking on the high racks. 
He called Mommy and me over to see something he thought I might like. 

And boy, did I like it!!!  I started to play with it right there in the store!

Mommy said we had to pay for it first.  Oh, yes, and the bag of dog food!  You can never have too much dog food!

Knowing what I can do to a toy, Mommy wanted to take a photo of the toy before she really let me play with it!

Then, I got to play!

I carried it around!

I shook it and shook it!!

Then, I took a nap!  I played so hard, I thought my new toy might need a break!

After my nap, I went back to chewing!

I had a lot of fun on my first "Gotcha Day!"  And my new toy is still relatively in one piece.  Although it is missing some stuffing.  Thanks, Mommy and Daddy for a great day!  Can't wait to do it all again next year!

Doggy Kisses,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Gotcha Day!

Tomorrow is my "Gotcha Day"!  It is the day Mommy and Daddy came to get me from the place where I had been living with my fur-mom and my fur-sister.  It was a bit of a scarry day for me, but it lead to me being so happy.

To celebrate, Mommy and I want to share some photos of me when I arrived at my new home.

Here I am with Mommy on my first day in their house!
I was quite the cuddly fur-ball.
Mommy and Daddy made sure I had lots of toys to play with.  Look how tiny those toys are!
I even had a white rope toy!!  It did't stay white for long!

 I was a bit shy that day!  This table was a great place to hide!

But one thing that has not changed about me.... I still love to play in the snow!  And I still love to cross my paws when I lay down.

 Mommy is promising me some fun surprises for my Gotcha Day tomorrow!!  I'll let you know all about it on Monday!  Hopefully, it won't be mischief!

Doggy Kisses,

Mommy and I also wanted to say thank you to 2 Brown Dawgs Blog for giving us the "One Lovely Blog Award" and for all their kind comments and well wishes as I recover.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I went to the Vet

Yesterday, I went to the Vet to get my stitches taken out and to get my annual exam.

Mommy could not take a lot of pictures because she really has to focus on me.

But she said we can tell you about the visit.

First, I got weighed.  I am 76 lbs.  Everyone says that is a good weight for me.

Then I got my stitches out!  That was the tough part.  I didn't like it at all.  Every time the Vet got close to the stitches, I twitched.  Carol, my favorite Vet Tech, had to hold my head still while Mommy petted my nose.  It was easier to relax when Mommy was close by.  It took a bit, but finally, they got them all out.

Here is what my face looks like now.

The Vet says the scabs will start to fall off over time.
  Mommy just needs to wash my face twice a day to keep it clean.

My ear is also looking perfect.  I don't need to have any more of the nasty stuff put in my ears.  They just need to be cleaned once a week!! Yeah! 

Then, I got all my icky shots.  I didn't complain because Mommy stayed close by and gave me treats.  When we got home, I got to go out and play.  The yard was not very muddy today, so I really did some running.  When I came in, I was breathing really heavily. 

Mommy loves the way I sound after I play. She loves it so much, she took a video.

Mommy loves the way I cross my paws when I lay down.  I have done it since I was a little puppy.

As much as I love my Vet and all the Vet Techs there, I hope I don't need to go back there for a while.  I think I have had enough bad things happen to me for a while.

Doggy Kisses,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Word Wednesday-- Chill-axing!

I needed a break after I tore apart this stuffy!

Happy One Word Wednesday!

Doggy Kisses,


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playing with the Bailey & an Update

This is Bailey.  She is almost 2 years old.  She is a very special little girl to Mommy, Daddy and Meg.  They all call her their “Niece”.  She comes over to the house a lot.  But I was not allowed to play with her for a long time.  Just recently, I’ve been allowed to be out of my cage when she is around.

Bailey and her Mom and Dad came over on Sunday Night.  Bailey really wanted to play with me.  She wanted to play so much, that she brought my toys to me while I was laying in my crate.  I was a really good puppy while she did it.

This is Bailey and her Mom Theresa.  They are sharing a cake pop. 

I had to check it out!  Sometimes I can get a bite.
And you know how those little people can be?  They drop things sometimes.
Bailey didn’t drop anything, but she did let me lick the stick!
Bailey and I had a lot of fun together!
Update on My Recovery
I have been doing a lot of healing lately.
I like to lay on my back and let the fresh air get to my owies!
I get my stitches out tomorrow!!!  And hopefully the hair will grow back quickly.

Mommy says the people who own the dog that hurt me have plead “not guilty” to having a “dangerous dog.”  So Mommy and Daddy will be going to court on February 21.  Mommy has lots of photos and documents to take to court.  Hopefully the judge will help us. 
We can’t put up the fence till the snow is gone and the ground is ready.  So Daddy stands guard while Mommy plays with me twice a day in the back yard.
Thanks, everyone, for your “get well” wishes!!  Hope this never happens to another doggy!
Doggy Kisses,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow Puppy!

It finally happened!! We got Snow!  More than just a dusting and less then what would make Mommy and Daddy upset.  In fact, Mommy seemed sort of excited to go out and play.  This is what the back yard looked like from our back window.

Sorry about the window screens.  But Mommy knew she had to get the shots before we went out.

I really was not sure what was going on.  I just knew we were going out the Play!!!

I love to play!

When I got outside, I had to look around.  Things had changed from yesterday!!

Then, Mommy and I got right down to business! 

Mommy threw the ball and I chased! (Meg had the camera)

When the balls landed, sometimes they disappeared in the snow! 

I had to dig to get them out!

Sometimes, my front paws stopped in the snow and my back paws kept going!

They flew up in the air and I did a front-paw stand!

The snow was wet and sticky.  It covered the balls with snow!

Mommy and I had a great time playing!

And digging in the snow!

And Running!

And Sliding!

Snow Play is FUN!!!!

Doggy Kisses,