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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alone with Mommy

Yesterday, Mommy and I spent our first afternoon alone in the house together.  Up until now, someone else has always been here.  Mommy said it was because she has really been sad lately and she did not want to be alone.

But, yesterday Mommy decided she was ready to be alone again.  She let Daddy go away for the day and take care of some family business. And she and I stayed in her “office” all afternoon. 

I played with my toys.  I played with all my toys while Mommy worked on some beadwork.

At one point, I turned the futon into my own personal toy box. 

1st day alone 001

I had my Kong treat saucer, Kong Tugga Wubba, my stringy toy, and my favorite spikey ball.  Mom got this shot while I was off chasing my treat ball.

1st day alone 003

I played and played so hard.  And Mommy got a lot of work done.  She said she is working on something special for me.  I can’t wait to see it.

I got really tired and decided to take a nap under Mommy’s table.  It is my favorite, safe place to sleep.  I have been doing it since I first came here.

1st day alone 005

This is how I fell asleep today!


This was me napping on February 4th

Mommy and I had a good afternoon together.  Mommy was happy and so was I.  I think we will do it more often.

I don’t have puppy class tonight because Marta is going away.  So Mommy says we will have to make our own class at home tonight.  I wonder what she will come up with?

Puppy Kisses,


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I’m A Star Puppy Now!

Last night, I passed my AKC “Star Puppy” test!

star puppy test

These are the things I had to learn to do over the past 6 weeks.  I can do them all.  Mommy just put the paper in the mail to get me my certificate and medal.  I can’t wait to get them.

star puppy class 003
This is me at class with Daddy.  The brown thing on the floor is my mat!!!

Here are some photos of my classmates!

star puppy class 004

This is Willie and his mom.  Willie is practicing his “Stays”.

star puppy class 006

This is Magnum and his mom.  Magnum is an Australian Shepherd.

star puppy class 002

This is Lou and her parents. She just started class last week.  She is all Lab.

star puppy class 001

And, this is Gretchen.  You remember her?  The big dog that barked at me when I ran past.  Well, last night she was much nicer to me.  She got a head collar too.

I had to good time at class list night.  We played Crate Games, and “Cheese” to heal.   I walked with Mommy and Mommy made me sit and walked around me.   We also walked around and past other dogs and other people. 

Marta (our trainer) says I am doing really well.  I just need to work on two more skills to move up to level III.  Mommy says “We’ll get there…. together”.

Off to practice.

Puppy Kisses,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Won’t This Squeek?

Mommy bought me a new chew toy last week.  It is a big red fabric bone-shaped toy.  Mommy does not want me to have stuffed toys because she has too many in the house and does not want me to get into trouble.  But she thought this would be a safe toy for me to have.


The first night I had this toy, I chewed and chewed and chewed on it.  It felt really good on my teeth.  But I could not tear it apart.  The first time I had it, it had several squeakers in it.  When I chewed on it, it squeaked.


But last night, I just could not seem to get it to squeak.  So I put it on the floor and started to pounce on it.


The floor behind me in this photo is nice and cool when I want to take a nap after a walk.   But it is also slippery.  One time when I pounced, my bone went flying backward into the corner.  Mommy and Daddy laughed so hard, she forgot to take a picture.

I recovered my toy and took it to Daddy to play fetch.  I really like this toy because it is as much fun for me to play with alone as it is to play with Mommy and Daddy.  That really makes a great toy.  I hope they make lots more like this one.

Puppy class tonight!

Puppy Kisses,


Monday, March 28, 2011

My Weekend

Mom bought a new camera on Friday.  Guess what?  I love to have my picture taken.  So, mom spent the weekend taking pictures of me.


How do I look through a “fish-eye” lens?

I like to wiggle on the floor with my toys!
And, I like to sit in Mommy’s chair!
Here’s a picture of me sitting quietly in my crate!
And, here I am sitting in my crate with the door open.  Mommy is across the room!  I am learning to stay.  I get yummy treats when I do!

Just for fun, Mommy thought she would take a picture of me at my food bowl.  The one in the left is when I was just a little puppy.  The one on the right was taken on Saturday.

tannereating 016(1)



After our walk today, Mommy took me to the vet to find out how much I weighed.  In one month, I have gained 12 lbs.  I now weigh  45.8 lbs.  I am really growing.

More tomorrow!

Puppy Kisses,


Friday, March 25, 2011

Week 5 ends

Yes, I have been attending puppy class with mom and dad for 5 weeks now.  I have learned a lot.  But last night I realized I still have a lot more to learn.


Mommy just took this picture of me sitting on the futon in her work room.  I just love how my right ear looks!

I am getting really close to my “Star Puppy” award.  Next week, I should get that.  But Mom wants me to pass my “Canine Good Citizen” test.

To do that, I have to be able to walk on a loose leash with just my collar on.  I can’t use my head collar and mom can’t feed me.  This is going to take some work.

Thank heaven for cheese!  I like to stay beside mom when there is cheese involved.  Mom plans to teach me using the cheese till I master it.  She keeps telling me “we’ll get it…together!”.  And I believe her.

There was a new dog at class last night.  Her name was Lou!  She is older than me, but I think she had more energy than I do. 

As part of the class, Daddy had to go and greet her.  She let him say hi, then she laid on the floor with her feet in the air to get a belly rub.  She made everyone laugh.  Mom says she is a Black Lab.

And my friend Willie was there too.  He is a bit afraid of people, but he is doing much better walking past people.  His mommy is really nice.  She gave me some water and some chicken.

I really like puppy class.  I like the treats and the skills and spending time with mom and dad and our trainer.  Can’t wait till Tuesday to go again.

Gotta go practice now!

Puppy Kisses!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

“Cheese” to heel

That’s what I call my new game.  Mom, Dad and I learned it at puppy class on Tuesday night.

It goes like this:  Mom or Dad holds a piece of cheese in their hand.  If I walk beside them, they toss it in front of me and keep walking.  I can go and gobble it up.

When I come back to them, they some how still have a piece of cheese in their hand.  (Funny, I thought they tossed that and I got it?) 

If I keep walking beside them, that piece gets tossed in front of me and the game keeps going.

Needless to say, I like cheese!!!  So we are having a lot of fun with this game.

My other good news is that I lost a canine tooth today.  Mommy says it is my passenger-side lower tooth (Mommy does not know right from left, but lets keep that our secret).  I feel sort of funny, but Mommy is really happy about it.  She wants to try to get a picture of my “toothless grin”, but I just won’t hold still.  Maybe later with Daddy’s help.

Well, I have to go and get some rest so I can go to puppy class again tonight.  I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Puppy kisses,


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last night, I went to puppy class.  Mom and Dad let me sleep till right before class so I would be well rested and we could learn a lot.

We got to class a few minutes early and got to watch Marta and Gabe (her 3 year old Golden Retriever) practice some of their agility work.  Gabe really knows how to jump and to listen to his mommy.

There were a lot of doggies at class last night.  I have never had a night with so many other doggies.   Some were smaller than me, some were my size and one was much bigger.  She was a German Shephard.

During class, I got to play the “chase game” with Daddy.  You remember me telling you about the game where I have to sit in my crate, Dad or Mom drops a treat and then calls me to chase them?  Well, I really like that game.  I was having a great time….until…….

Gretchen saw me run past and started to bark!!!  Wow! was it loud!  I got really scared and ran back to my crate.  Mommy and Daddy had to walk me back past her crate a few more time so that I would not be so afraid of her anymore.

Mommy says that big dogs are a fact of life.  I can’t avoid them.  I just have to learn to be around them.

But on the good side, I did learn a new game last night that I will tell you about tomorrow.

Puppy Kisses,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Car Rides

Yes!  I have to say, I like them.  I have ridden in both Mommy’s big red car and Daddy’s little blue car.  It depends where we are going which car we take.

I have to say, I think I like Daddy’s car a bit better.   It is closer to the ground and I can get in by myself.  Here is a picture of me relaxing on the back seat of Daddy’s car.relaxing

It is a good thing Daddy had fabric protector put on the seats, because I have been putting muddy paw prints all over his light colored seats.  But he does not seem to get upset, go figure.  I think he likes me!

Mommy’s car seats are dark and I don’t leave paw prints on them. 

Mommy says we will be going for a car ride again today.  Something about getting her car back from an inspection.  I just know I get to go along.  Then we are off to puppy class!!!! 

Treats!!!   Yeah!!!!

Puppy Kisses,


Monday, March 21, 2011

What is a Head Collar

Last week, my friend, Bailey asked me what a head collar was.  Back then, I would have told you it was as awful thing that Mommy put on my nose and neck and tried to make me use to go for a walk.


But things have changed.  I now know that my Head Collar is a great thing.  When Mommy puts it on me, I know I am going somewhere.  And probably somewhere special.

This weekend, I went for a car ride and to Rita’s for Italian Ice.  I saw lots of people and two other dogs.  I got to taste my HS’s Mango Ice.  It was fun.

I asked Mommy to help me with the technical stuff about explaining Head collars.

First, she said, they are not muzzles.  I can still open my mouth, eat, chew and play wearing my head collar.

My Head Collar allows Mommy to control where my head goes, so that my body will follow.  And, It keeps me from pulling. 

Our walks have become a lot more fun now that I understand this too.

Now, I have to learn that it is my job to keep the leash loose at all times.  Oh, and I should poop in the grass, not the street.  So many new things to learn.

Puppy Kisses,


Friday, March 18, 2011

Level II class–first night

I started Level II class last night.  Much to Mommy’s delight, I walked into class wearing my head collar and just one leash.


I have grown a little bit since this photo was taken, but this is me showing off my head collar.

For the past two weeks, I really haven’t liked walking.  Mommy had to use two leashes (one on my collar and one on my head collar) to get me to walk.  But, I think I have finally decided that walking is fun and I will do it on just my head collar and leash.

I got lots of treats and play time at class.  We played a new game where Mommy and Daddy had me sit in a crate while they walked away and dropped a treat on the floor.  Then they called me and ran away carrying my toy!  I really didn’t want the treat as much as to toy, so I chased them and we played with the toy when I caught them.  It was a lot of fun!

The hardest part of class was “Sit & Stay” at the door.  I don’t mind waiting for Mommy to open the door, but I don’t like it when she goes through without me.  I really want to be with her.

After class, I came home, had dinner and took a nap before bed.  It was a long day, but a fun one too.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, Mommy took me to a place called “Rita’s” and gave me my first taste of custard.  I licked it off the spoon.  It was yummy!!!!

Puppy Kisses till later,


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing Outside

I know today is Thursday, but I have to tell you about something wonderful that happened to me on Tuesday.

Mom took me on an outing.  Just Mommy and Me!  We went to the pet store!

I had fun seeing all the new people and toys and my friend Sammy.  Mommy and I left with a full bag.  We had a good time at the pet store, but, I didn’t know that the best fun was yet to come.

Mommy bought me a 20’ tie out cable, and a new ball so we could play outside!!!!


We played outside with my frisbee and the ball for a long, long, long time.  At first, I couldn’t run fast enough to catch my flying toys.  Then, I brought it back to Mom so she could throw it again.   She seemed so excited to have me come running back to her.


Dad even came out and joined us for a while.

tannerand dad

But, after a while, I got tired.  I had all I could do to go and get the toy.  I brought it back slowly and just layed on the ground and started to chew on it. 

Mom said I had done enough and she put me down for a nap.  I dreamed of balls and frisbees and sunshine until it was time to go to puppy class!

That was my exciting day on Tuesday!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving on Up!

I know it has been a while since I have posted.  I have been very busy with my puppy training classes.


Mommy and Daddy have been working really hard with me.  Before I started class three weeks ago, I already knew my name, sit and lay.  But know I also know “up”, “down” & “drop”.

Tanner with dad

Oh, and I am learning this really neat crate game.  When I go in my crate, Mommy and Daddy drop treats through the top of the crate and tell me I am a “good boy”.  I stay in my crate even with the door open until they tell me I can come out.  And then I get more treats and some love.  I really like this game a lot.

Well, the good news is, I have done so well that I am moving up to Level II (whatever that is).  Mommy says it is good and she is proud of me.  She thinks it will keep up all busy and challenged.

We start on Thursday.  I’ll let you know how it goes.