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Join me on my journey as I grow to become part of my pack/family. We'll have a lot of fun along the way! Hopefully, I can make you laugh.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fence -- Part 2

Work is progressing on my fence!

Right now, Mommy and Daddy says it looks like "WoodHenge". 

I'm not sure what that is, but I do know there are a lot of pieces of wood in my yard.

I am not afraid of them, though.  I just played around it.
But I can't wait till it is done.  Hopefully Tomorrow!!!

Doggy Kisses,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Word Wednesday -- Pouting!

This is what I do when I don't get my way!
I pout!!!
I lay in front of the garage door! 
I just lay and lay and lay!

Can you guess what I want?

I want to go out and play with my Tennis Balls again!
They are just behind that door! 
But Mommy won't take me!
She says three half-hour play sessions
should be enough for any dog!

Doggy Kisses,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The New Fence

Remember, back in January when I got attacked, I told you we were gettting a fence?  Well, if not, you can check it out here:  http://www.brudy1120.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-appetite.html

Well, work has begun.

Yesterday, Uncle Larry came and measured and marked the place where the fence will be.

And he delivered the wood for the fence posts.

This morning, he brought this machine with him! 
 It makes a lot of noise!

And he and his helper started digging holes.  The are right by Meg's room.  I hope she can sleep through it. 

Doggy Kisses,

Monday, March 26, 2012


Mommy, Daddy and I went camping this past weekend!  We had a great time, even though it rained most of the weekend.

I got to ride in the truck again.  In my favorite seat, the back!

But this time, I was not alone!

It was actually a bit crowded.
Mommy and Daddy had put a lot of stuff in the back!

But I could still see over my barrier.

We drove down to the place where Mommy and Daddy keep the camper and hitched up.

Then we drove for about and hour and a half to get to camp. 
 It was really pretty and sunny when we got there.

And we started to set up camp. 
Mommy and Daddy put out this blue thing. 
It smelled different and felt funny on my feet.

I stayed outside for a while.
  But them Mommy wanted to go to the store.
  Daddy was working, so Mommy made me wait in the camper.
But I watched out the window.

Mommy even brought along some of my favorite toys, including my food too.  But I refused to eat from it, so she had to feed me from a plastic container.

We also found a great place to play with my tennis balls.
I got to run and chase and jump till.... Well, I guess this shot tells the tail.  (lol)

Then, it was time to go in to bed. 
 I was not sure where I was supposed to sleep, so I curled up on the dinette.  Not the softest pillow in the trailer.

I did figure it out though.  Mommy showed me where my mat was -- at the foot of her bed.  I slept there all night.  Infact, Mommy slept till 8:15.  She never sleeps that long.  But she has not been feeling well and I think it did her some good.

The next morning, at breakfast,
I found out that another of my favorite things had also come along.

My Kong came to give me my breakfast.

Saturday was really rainy.  So Mommy and Daddy and I just hung out in the camper.  Twice, when the rain stopped, we went out to play again.  It was a lot of fun and a really nice day.  Mommy says I was really really good and I can go again. 

I can't wait. 

Doggy Kisses,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Word Wednesday -- Happy!

Now that it is staying light later into the evening, Mommy and I are getting more and more time to play.  She does not feel so rushed.  And that makes us both

Hope you are happy too!!

Doggy Kisses,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Kong

Many of you know that I do not eat from a traditional food dish.  Because of my "special needs"  I eat most of my food from food toys.  I have shown you how I do the "shakey- shake" with my mushroom toy.  But I have never mentioned my  KONG.

I get my breakfast in my Kong toy every morning.

 Mommy fills it with some treats, spray cheese and dog food. 

I eat from my Kong while Mommy and Daddy eat their breakfast.

I usually finish it all. 

But sometimes I leave some behind
 and I try to get it out later in the evening.

I am not alway the most energetic
about trying to get those last little bits.

Sometimes, they just have to come to me!

I guess this is like what the people call
 "breakfast in bed" in a furry way!

Doggy Kisses,

Monday, March 19, 2012


That's something I really LOVE!  Being Petted!

Daddy is pretty good at Petting me!  Especially when he is laying on the couch watching TV.  All I have to do is come up beside him and nuzzle.  He starts at my head and shoulders.
Then, I shift my position and he moves down to my hind quarters.

Sometimes, I come around again and start him at the top again.

Sometimes I sit down beside Daddy and I love him while he is loving me.
Sometimes I get into some pretty silly positions.
But, I do love, Love, LOVE to be petted.

Doggy Kisses,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mommy's Boo Boo

Hi Everyone:

Sorry I have been quite lately.  Actually, I have been pretty busy.  The sun is out and the weather is warm.  Mommy's bead muse is working overtime and we have been having a great time.

But I wanted to drop by and tell you a new story today. 

Many of you know that Mommy and I share a birthday.  That is something we think is really special.  But now, we also share a nick name.  Mommy gave me mine and I gave it back to her yesterday.

Many of you will remember that back in January, I was attacked by another doggy.  If you don't you can check it out here.

Well, while I was recovering, Mommy started to call me "Boo-boo".  It seemed to fit and she still calls me that today.

Yesterday, I started calling her "Boo Boo 2".

It all started when we were out for our morning play time.  Mommy was throwing the ball just like she always does.

And I was catching.

Then... I missed.

The ball rolled across the grass and both Mommy and I went after it.  I got it first and lifted my head

Right into Mommy's eye.

Mommy says it doesn't hurt.  It just feels heavy.  She is looking for a good pair of sunglasses (whatever those are).

Doggy Kisses,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mommy's New Truck

Remember Big Red?  This was Mommy's car for the past 7 years.  We took it a lot of places and we even used it to pull the camper.

Well, one day last week, Mommy and Daddy left with Big Red and they came back with

It does not have a name yet, but Mommy thinks "Mocha" fits well. 
 After all, that is the name of it's color

For several days, I have only been able to see it out the window.   
But this morning, I got to go and see it up close.
I was so excited!!!

Mommy took me around to the place where
I usually got into Big Red.

She opened the door for me and I was thrilled to see all the room!!!!

Mommy didn't have to tell me twice!  I climbed right in!
I was eager to check it out!
Look, Mommy, I can get the whole way in and then turn around!
Mommy already had my barrier net in place.
  But I could easily see over it.

In fact, I can pretty much see everything!

I can even look out the window!

Now, don't worry.  For those of you concerned about my safety, Mommy is getting me a Trolly line to keep me safe.  She just had not planned to have me in the new truck till Thursday, after it got all it's wonderful, doggy proof coating.  But I had a groomer appointment this morning and she needed to take me a day early.  The next time you see me in the truck, I will be safe and secure,  AND HAPPY!!

Doggy Kisses,