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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Kong

Many of you know that I do not eat from a traditional food dish.  Because of my "special needs"  I eat most of my food from food toys.  I have shown you how I do the "shakey- shake" with my mushroom toy.  But I have never mentioned my  KONG.

I get my breakfast in my Kong toy every morning.

 Mommy fills it with some treats, spray cheese and dog food. 

I eat from my Kong while Mommy and Daddy eat their breakfast.

I usually finish it all. 

But sometimes I leave some behind
 and I try to get it out later in the evening.

I am not alway the most energetic
about trying to get those last little bits.

Sometimes, they just have to come to me!

I guess this is like what the people call
 "breakfast in bed" in a furry way!

Doggy Kisses,


  1. Kongs rule in our house, I only wish they had auto-refill! Enjoy!!

  2. I didn't know you didn't eat from a doggie bowl/dish....I'll have to look back and she why. Kongs are great! You must have one efficient tongue to get all the food out!

    Tucker eats from a muffin tin because he eats too fast.

  3. LOL Freighter graduated from the puppy kong weeks ago. He is on the black kongs now. I guess you must be nicer to your kong than he is to his. We just use it as a treat though.

  4. Boy your kong gets filled with lots of yumminess for breakfast!