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Join me on my journey as I grow to become part of my pack/family. We'll have a lot of fun along the way! Hopefully, I can make you laugh.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Don't Worry! We will be back!

Mommy and I are missing out bloggy friends a lot.  We just wanted to stop by and let you all know we are all right.  We have been very busy playing and learning new tricks.

However, Mommy has not been able to get new photos ready for me to post due to a "software glitch".

We are working to get this resolved ASAP.

After all, you have not seen Daddy's Birthday presents yet!!!  Or his yummy birthday cupcakes.....

And we want to share all that with you.

Please be patient.  Mommy is not the most tech savy person and my paws are really big for the keys.

Doggy Kisses,


  1. Hate this software glitches. Hope yours resolves itself soon!

  2. good luck! I sometimes wish we had our own geek squad.

  3. Miss you, Tanner!! :)

    Woofs & huggies, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)