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Monday, August 6, 2012

Bloggie Doggie

I admit it!
I have not been a very good Bloggie Doggie!
With the 'wedding' happening, we have had a lot of activity here.  Most of which did not include me.

We have had a lot of visitors too! 
Some I even got to play with!

This is Jaxon!

Mommy says if I were a human, Jaxon would be my cousin.

He is just a little guy, but boy can he move.

Because Jaxon is so little, Mommy thought we should meet through my crate for the first time.
Jaxon crawled right over to me. 

"Uff! Uff"
That is what Jaxon calls me!

Mommy soon decided it was safe for us to meet face to face!

And so we did!

And we had a great time playing together!!!!

Doggy Kisses,


  1. lil peeps are just the greatest!

    wild crazy and so full of love and curiousity.

    melts our lil doggy hearts<3