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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tricks and Treats Tuesday

It was a holiday weekend here in the States.  And it got really warm.  Mommy decided that it would be a good time to bake some treats for me and the family.


Mommy does not eat fried food, but she has been really hungry for something called a donut.  She found some pans at the store that let her bake donuts.  She said she would eat those.


After the donuts cooled, Mommy put a chocolate glaze on them. They looked really yummy, but Mommy said they were not good for me.  So she made me my own treats.


I got a double batch of my favorite Granola, Banana and Carob cookies. A batch of my "carob crunchies” ( also know as ‘black n whites’), and a batch of my cheesy bones.


I stood guard that the oven door while they baked.  I didn’t want them to disappear into any place but my tummy!

I am also working on some new tricks.  One of them is “back up.”  But I am still not very good at that.  Mommy took a video, but it just isn’t anything to show off yet.

The other is an variation of one I have already shown you.  But this time, I am using a different prop.

Special Delivery Doggie!

MJ helped Mommy teach me this new trick.  As you can tell, they were both pretty happy!!!  I just wish I could have chewed on that jug!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I have another class tonight.  I can’t wait to practice my rally moves!!

Puppy Kisses,



  1. That jug looks like it would have been a lot of fun to chew! And look at those treats! I would have stood guard at the stove too!

  2. What an adorable trick you have, Tanner! You look so happy with your jug :)

  3. Man Tanner, I am so jelouse. Your mom can cook. If it doesnt come prepared and only have to be microwaved we don't get it.

    Man I would love somethin freshly baked from one of those human ovens.

    We have one, but she just keeps her food storage in it. It has never been turned on.

    Lucky you


  4. OOOH, those awful tricks... I know those well. I've been doing 'back up' for a while -- mommy says she had to teach me that 'cause I'm constantly right at her feet, standing in front of her when she walks. She says it's hard for her to walk that way. Who woulda thought?!

    And with carrying stuffz, I LOVE to do that! Only problem is, it's a terrible trick, 'cause you have to give stuffz back! That's no fun!


    How did you do with the fireworks yesterday?

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  5. Hey Tanner,

    You're so clever, you'll be carrying all the groceries in for your Mum next!!

    Then imagine how many of those yummy treats you'll get! Tee Hee

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Mmmmm I would be guarding the oven door too if those treats were cooking in it. You can never be sure about what kind of cookie monsters are around that might steal them. Great job on the tricks - you are doing so well.

  7. hey Tanner,

    *drool...I would have guarded the oven too! You are a smart pup! Your home-made treats so look and sound so good! What a great mom you have! :->

    Congrats on the pawsome job you are doing on your tricks! Good luck in your class tonight!


  8. OH my those donuts & cookies look absolutely scrumptious! Your mom should have left one doughnut plain just for you. Good luck in your learning your new trick!

  9. My Mom has no problem eating fried stuff she just hates frying so she has learned to bake lots of things that are normally fried.

    It is cool that she makes you cookies.

  10. Those look like yummy treats. Tanner's take and carry is really coming along!