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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IT Happened!

Yesterday, I started telling you about a great adventure Mommy, Meg and I had to a new park.  Thanks for waiting patiently to hear about the end of the walk.  It think you will like the story a lot more than Mommy did.

We had a great time on our walk…. until…..

We were just getting ready to start a second lap of the park.  Another family was coming down the path toward us, and Mommy had me step into the grass so they could pass.

But the other doggie was so cute…. I just could not resist trying to meet him.  He looked like he would be fun to play with.

So I lurched….. and Mommy fell down!!!!  The grass was wet and muddy and Mommy just could not keep her footing when I charged toward the new dog.  She did not seem to be hurt, but she was very wet. 

We stopped walking and got into the car because Mommy was just too uncomfortable to keep walking.

When we got home, Meg took these pictures of Mommy.

Mommy’s backside was covered with Mud!!!

Even the side of her pant leg was muddy!

And check out the back of her jacket!

No wonder she was uncomfortable!


I got a bit muddy too!  Funny thing though, I didn’t mind it as much as Mommy did.

Well, Mommy says she was a bit sore the next day from the fall, but nothing permanent.  Daddy  had to fill in and play with me for a while, but we still did our walk.

Guess I just need to stop lurching to meet other doggies.  I have to let Mommy tell me when it is okay to go.

Doggy Kisses,



  1. Uh oh, I hope mommy isn't too sore anymore. Other dogs, just so....hard...to.....resist!!

  2. Yikes! Hope the soreness has subsided.

    When Thunder was a young unruly pup, he used to pull me over all of the time. Once, we were traveling and stopped at a rest area to air the dogs. My husband had Storm and I had Thunder. It was snowy and we were on a sort of hill. Thunder pulled to get to Storm and I couldn't keep my footing and tumbled face first into the snow. My husband said that I just should have let go of the lead. But if I did that, he would think he could always just tug to get to where he wanted to go. Anyway, he really seemed to understand that pulling me over in the snow was not a good thing and that was the very last time he did that!

  3. hey Tanner,

    Sorry about your mom. We hope she is feeling better and no longer sore.

    I know how you feel, Tanner. I love meeting new pups and people too, and am constantly pulling and yanking on my leash to meet and greet. Us social dogs just can't help it! The only times I have made my human fall, though, are when I run after bunnies or deer. I take off so fast and reach the end of my leash so quickly that she just falls face first to the ground! So, she feels your mom's pain!


  4. Bummer with the fall for you mommy. Glad she is okay and could get home to change into clean clothes. Poochies never seem to mind a bit of a dirty wet coat.