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Friday, November 25, 2011

More Birthday Treats!

I will say, I am a spoiled Puppy!  Wait a minute?  I am one-year-old now!  Guess I am not a puppy anymore, but a Dog.

Well, I guess I am one spoiled Dog!

Mommy was not done with the Birthday treats.  She and Daddy went out for a little bit.  They came back with some white boxes that smelled really good, so I think Daddy took Mommy out for dinner for her birthday (remember, we share the same birthday).  Then Mommy gave me the best treat of all.


These are freshly baked Peanut Butter Cakes!!! And they are all for me!!!


Mommy put them in my bowl and took the bowl into the Living Room.  I sat real nice and waited so Mommy could take this picture.


When Mommy said I could, I dug right in!  They were so very yummy!


I was so happy for my treat, I took time out of eating to look up at Mommy and say “thanks”.  These are so good!!

Doggie Kisses,



  1. You are so lucky to have so many birthday celebrations in one week! Look at those cakes - YUM YUM YUM!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Tanner & family! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  3. What a treat! You are a luck pup for such a special birthday breakfast.

  4. Mom tells people all the time that if they aren't going to spoil kids and dogs, they shouldn't have any! It's a job requirement on their behalf!! You pawrents are doing a great job!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. Hey, you're still a puppy in mine (and Lola's) book! :)

    Looks like a delicious lot of treats!

  6. hey Tanner,

    Happy 1st Birthday! Woofs! I hope you had a fantastic time! You are growing into quite the beautiful young doggy! Your birthday treat looks delicious! *drool...

    Happy Birthday to your mom too! How fun to share a birthday - that means double the yummy treats and fun!

    And being young is all in the mind. You are still young, so enjoy it while you can!


  7. Wow! Those look yummy!! We scored, didn't we, Tanner? You're right--having a birthday in November is pretty special. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both you and your Mom!!