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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why a Retractable lead?

So many of you that dropped by yesterday commented on my retractable lead that Mommy and I though we would take a few minutes today to explain.

My problem has really never been pulling on walks.  In the beginning, when I was just a little puppy, I refused to walk.  No matter what Mommy did, I would take a few steps then just sit.  Collars, head collars, harnesses, treats…. none of it convinced me.

Mommy and Daddy did not give up.  The spent a lot of time just waiting me out.  They did not give in.  They would walk a bit and when I stopped and stood still, they would wait till I moved then praise me a lot.  I finally got the idea and off we went.

I have been walking on a head collar with a 4’ leash for quite a while.  But I started having some behavior issues.  I started putting my teeth on Mommy.  That is why we tried the two-point of contact leash and all the other techniques.  But things just kept getting worse.

This is what I started doing:

We also played fetch in the house and both Mommy and I did a lot of things wrong.  Here is a day where things went bad:

I was just so frustrated!!!  This is why Mommy and Daddy took me to see Nancy.  She is the one who told them I needed more play time and more freedom.

That is when I got my 50’ leash and all the wonderful toys to play in the back yard!! 


And I am having so much fun playing.  Nancy said after I had played fetch 500 times we could think about walking again if my behavior improved.  And it did.  So that is why Marta taught Mommy how to walk me on a long leash and the retractable leash.

The long leash is really hard for Mommy to use in the neighborhood.  20’ of line is a lot for a 5’2” person to hold and walk.  But it is great when we are in an open field.  The retractable is for the neighborhood walks. 

And, truth be told, I still don’t pull on walks.  I tend to lag behind to get all the smells before I move on.

Squirrels are fun, but Mommy has the tennis balls and the treats.  I want to play with her!!

Thanks, everyone for stopping by and commenting yesterday (and everyday!)  I love to share ideas with you and help each other.  This is a great way for us to connect.  After all, Mommy does not like it when I stand outside and bark to get your attention.

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Hi Tanner, that's some leash set up you have there! I showed my mommy your videos and she had a few ideas for you (I hope you don't mind!).

    Dear Tanner's mommy, the following is some advice from my mommy, which may or may not help you. But it helped me in the beginning, so I agreed to share it. :)

    In the first video when you're walking Tanner, why not use treats to help Tanner enjoy walking next to you. Walk a little, then click and reward with a treat. Then walk a little more, then click and reward with a treat. That helped me get moving!

    In the second video, mommy says that short, one or two-word commands work best -- like "No bite," "drop" or "let go," and "good."

    End of mommy tips. ;)

    Hey Tanner's mommy! Another thing that really helped me, was repetition. Doing the same thing over and over again, helped me remember what my mommy liked (good stuff), and what my mommy did not like (not-so-good stuff). Also, I LOVE lots and lots of praise when I do something good. Tell your mommy to get WAY excited when you do something right. I hope things start to get easier for both you and your mommy, Tanner!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  2. hey Tanner,

    You are a very lucky pup that your mom and dad were so patient with you and worked with you until all the kinks were worked out. I am so furry happy you are walking again and doing much better.

    Your videos are funny to me because I did the same thing! I was over a year old, and already a very big pup, when my human adopted me. The first few weeks with her my idea of playing was jumping on her and biting up her arms and hands. She had never experienced that before and started to get nervous since I am so big. She finally took me to the Vet and he said it was just my way of playing and learning, and still being a pup and not having other pups to play with, that is how I play. So, he taught her some ways to change my behavior, like buying lots of chew toys. And I eventually stopped chewing on my human. :->

    I also chewed my leash and human during walks. My human loved it, though, because she thought it was hilarious to see me chewing and attacking my leash. Sometimes I would grab her arms and chew and she would just played along with me. Again, I eventually grew out of that behavior. But we had fun!

    We are surprised to read yesterdays comments that so many are against retractable leashes. My human loves them! And I love them! I could not imagine walking on a normal leash. I am too free spirited for that confinement. BOL! I hope you enjoy yours!

    You are doing great Tanner! I am sure your parents are very proud of you!! Keep up the great work!


  3. Tanner, we know the truth being your golden cousins and all - you are just stubborn! You know what to do but just want to do it on your terms. The two-leggers just never seem to get it, huh?? Well, you're doing pretty good by their standards.. oh, and ours too!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  4. You have to do what works best for you and your pup. : )

  5. Haha those videos are nothing compared to what we used to do to our humans when we were pups. (Some day maybe she will blog about it.) But as we grew up and with training, well we just decided it was easier to behave. :)

    the 2 brown dawgs

    PS I agree that you have to do what works for you.