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Join me on my journey as I grow to become part of my pack/family. We'll have a lot of fun along the way! Hopefully, I can make you laugh.

Thursday, August 4, 2011



Yesterday, I had two crazy things happen to me!  Mommy laughed at both, so I must have looked silly.


First, I got myself stuck under Mommy’s work table. I wanted to chew on that leg there in front, so I slid my head further and further under that bar.  And when I went to get out… I couldn’t.


Mommy had to get on her knees, hold me down, and move the leg.  As you can tell from this shot, I was not having fun.

But, don’t worry, I got free and did not get hurt.

Then evening came.  Mommy had her quilt quild meeting, so Daddy had to feed me and walk me.  I decided not to go poop for Daddy.  In fact, truth be told, I was trying to push the limits and see what I could get away with on our walk.  Daddy still has not learned all of Mommy’s tricks, so ….

When Mommy got home, I was in my crate and still had not pooped.  Mommy decided to take me for a walk herself.

As we left the house it started to drizzle.  It had been doing this off and on all day, so she really wasn’t worried.  About half way through our walk, the skies opened up and ….


We got soaked!!!  Check out those dark brown wet ears!!!  I was a mess!


Mommy says I looked like a drowned puppy!  She tried to dry me with a towel.  But I thought it was a game.  She had to bribe me with some treats to get me a little bit dry.

Well, this morning, I am dry and ready to go to the groomer for my bath.  Too bad we could not combine the two.

Have a great day.

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Not going poopsy for Daddy is a game I play too! Sorry about getting stuck on that table, no fun!!

  2. Funny pictures, dawg!! Although I'm sure it's more enjoyable for us viewers than it was for you!!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  3. I prefer to poop when no one is looking, so mommy has to pretend (yes, I know she's pretending) to not look at me.

    I don't enjoy getting wet in the rain, though I don't have a problem in the pool. Teehee!

    Sorry you got stuck, Tanner!

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  4. hey Tanner,

    So, have you pooped yet? BOL! Your photos are funny and I am glad you did not get hurt under the table. But it is a funny story. Silly pup!

    I bet the rain felt great after all this heat. I always think the towel drying is a game too. And it is a good way to get your human to give you treats. BOL!