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Monday, May 28, 2012

Baker's Assistant

There have been a lot of special celebrations in our family lately.
Mommy (and Meg) have been doing a lot of baking lately.
It used to be, when Mommy used the mixer and the oven, it was to make cookies for me.

Don't get me wrong. Mommies homemade cookies are super yummy!
But what they are making now is even better.

Two weeks ago, MJ (my hu-brother) graduated from college.

I didn't get to go to the ceremony.
But, Meg, Mommy and Daddy did.

But what I did get to do was help make the cake!!!

This is MJ's finished cake.
And here's how we did it.

First, Mommy baked a REALLY big cake!
She used one of Meg's recipes.
But she made a 'mistake'.
It was a really yummy mistake.
She says she used egg whites instead of whole eggs.
But that made the cake light, fluffy and yummy!

Then, Mommy took a big knife and leveled the cake.
This part will be the bottom.

For some crazy reason, she threw the piece she cut-off
into the trash can. 
I got a small taste.
But all that yummy cake in the garbage?
So sad!

Mommy took the big knife again and cut the cake into layers.
She put some really yummy filling in the cake.
She said it was chocolate, so I could not have a taste.

I kept an eye on Mommy the whole time she was working.
She was moving so fast, my head-shot is blurry.

Then came the frosting!

Lots and lots of yummy, white, sweetness!!!

Mommy let me have a taste (or two, or three) from her finger!
But I could not lick the cake.
She had it so close to the edge of the table.
It was hard to resist!

But, Mommy said I was a very good boy because I did!

Congratulations, MJ!!!
Mommy, Daddy and I are Super Proud of you!!

Doggy Kisses,