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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Doggy Park

When Mommy picks a campground for us, one of the first things she looks for is a Doggy Park.
This year, we have been to two campgrounds and both a nice Doggy Parks.

This is the one that we are staying at in A-town.

The park is right off of the parking lot
 near the entrance to the camp.
It is sparated from the road by a row of trees.

And, like most parks,
they have poop bags and a trash can at the entrance.

But, unlike the last park, this one had some special equipment.

They had a tunnel.

And a ramp.

They even had big stone paw prints in the grass.
(I don't think I want to meet the doggy that made those)

And a funny looking 'fire hydrant'.

And I got to play.... a Lot!
Here I am with Daddy!

Daddy has a good throwing arm. 
I really had to run to catch the tennis ball.
You might also notice that I am dragging a leash too.

Mommy and Daddy we a bit concerned because this park is
not fenced. 
And the road is just on the other side of the tree line.
They wanted to be able to catch me if they needed to.

All in all, this is another good Doggy Park.
Thanks, Mommy, for finding it and bringing me here.

Doggy Kisses,


  1. Hey Tanner,

    That looks like a great Park - did you go through the Tunnel? :) I probably don't need to ask if you peed on the hydrant!! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. hey Tanner,

    What a pawsome doggy park! I love it!! The huge paw prints are very cool. I don't know why it is not fenced, though. I could not play there because I need a fenced in area. Bummers. And it is also odd they have it right next to a road. Well, other than the fence they did everything else right. That is a very fun and pretty dog park! Looks like so much fun playing catch with your dad. Have fun!


  3. It is so cool that your Momma picks camps with doggie parks!