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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mischief

It all started out very nicely!
Honest is did!
And Mommy has the pictures to prove it!

Mommy had some errands to run on Friday.
Along the way, she stopped at some yard sales.
She brought home some new 'models' for her collar.
But.... They are stuffies!  So, I thought they were for me.

To make me happy, Mommy gave me a penguin
that she had in a box for me.
As you can see, it has a christmas hat,
so Mommy has had it for a while.

Mommy was amazed when I layed down and chewed gently on
my new toy! 
I usually just rip and tear.

Mommy said this was so unlike me, she had to take pictures.

I didn't even chew up the squeekers.
I just put them beside the toy and kept playing.

But, then, IT happened.
The urge overtook me and...
Well, the penquin is history.

And I can't say that I am not proud of myself for doing it.
It was fun.
And I didn't touch the new collar models.
So, I think I did really well.

Doggy Kisses,


  1. I love how you leave the squeakers but destroy the toy! It happens! It's Monday Michief after all!

  2. How nice of you to be so gentle with the squeakers! BOL!

  3. You should be proud of yourself
    Benny & Lily