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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ontelaunne Pow-wow Visit

Or camping trip this past weekend had three purposes. 

1) get away and relax


2) Let Mommy and Daddy go to an Iron Pigs' Baseball game to hear Ellen's choir sing.
(more on that later)


3) Visit another Pow-wow.

That will be today's topic.
Mommy took lots and lots of pictures, so I can tell you all about it!

This is how my visit to the pow-wow started!
While Mommy and Daddy got raffle tickets, I laid down at Mommy's feet. 
Mommy said I was a really good boy!

The pow-wow was in a big, sunny park.
There were lots of people selling things, dancing and watching.

We walked all over and met lots of people.

This is a friend of Mommy's.  She took some time to pet me.

And this is a 'drum team'.  These nice ladies played the drum and sang so the people could dance.
I really liked their music.

There were also a lot of good things to smell.
Hey, these smell like the things Mommy has a home in our workroom!
These are things I know I am not supposed to eat.

But this place smelled like something I could eat!

And it was!!!  This is what Mommy and I got for lunch!

I curled up under the table while Mommy started eating.
She only wanted the meat and the beans, so I got to eat the yummy, juicy roll!!

It made me so thirsty.  But I didn't want to get up to get my drink!

After lunch, we watched some more dancing.  Then we did a bit more shopping. 
The stand that I like the best was the last one that we visited!
They had lots and lots and lots of great.......

Dog Chews!
Well, I thought they were dog chews.
But Mommy said I could only smell these.

And sniff them, I did!

Luckily, at the other side of the shop, they had a box marked
"Dog Chews."
Mommy picked out two for me.
She said I can have them as a treat when she is watching me.

I had a lot of fun at the Pow-wow.
And Mommy said I was a really good boy!
Everytime we stopped to see people or look at something,
I laid down. 
Mommy really liked that!
She said I will get to go to a lot more pow-wows
if I keep being this good!

Doggy Kisses,


  1. hey Tanner,

    I am so furry impressed by how well behaved you were! Good job! Especially around the food. That beef looked so good. How did you manage not to jump on the table and eat it? ;->

    The pictures are pawsome and the Pow-wow looked like a lot of fun. There is a Pow-wow in September near where I live but I have never been able to go, although my human has gone. After seeing how good you were maybe she will take me next time.


  2. sounds like a great day and fun event. Hope you got to do some taste testing
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a great event! Yours and your Momma's lunch looks like it was great! I am now hungry! LOL!