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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Won’t This Squeek?

Mommy bought me a new chew toy last week.  It is a big red fabric bone-shaped toy.  Mommy does not want me to have stuffed toys because she has too many in the house and does not want me to get into trouble.  But she thought this would be a safe toy for me to have.


The first night I had this toy, I chewed and chewed and chewed on it.  It felt really good on my teeth.  But I could not tear it apart.  The first time I had it, it had several squeakers in it.  When I chewed on it, it squeaked.


But last night, I just could not seem to get it to squeak.  So I put it on the floor and started to pounce on it.


The floor behind me in this photo is nice and cool when I want to take a nap after a walk.   But it is also slippery.  One time when I pounced, my bone went flying backward into the corner.  Mommy and Daddy laughed so hard, she forgot to take a picture.

I recovered my toy and took it to Daddy to play fetch.  I really like this toy because it is as much fun for me to play with alone as it is to play with Mommy and Daddy.  That really makes a great toy.  I hope they make lots more like this one.

Puppy class tonight!

Puppy Kisses,


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