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Monday, March 21, 2011

What is a Head Collar

Last week, my friend, Bailey asked me what a head collar was.  Back then, I would have told you it was as awful thing that Mommy put on my nose and neck and tried to make me use to go for a walk.


But things have changed.  I now know that my Head Collar is a great thing.  When Mommy puts it on me, I know I am going somewhere.  And probably somewhere special.

This weekend, I went for a car ride and to Rita’s for Italian Ice.  I saw lots of people and two other dogs.  I got to taste my HS’s Mango Ice.  It was fun.

I asked Mommy to help me with the technical stuff about explaining Head collars.

First, she said, they are not muzzles.  I can still open my mouth, eat, chew and play wearing my head collar.

My Head Collar allows Mommy to control where my head goes, so that my body will follow.  And, It keeps me from pulling. 

Our walks have become a lot more fun now that I understand this too.

Now, I have to learn that it is my job to keep the leash loose at all times.  Oh, and I should poop in the grass, not the street.  So many new things to learn.

Puppy Kisses,


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  1. Those silly peoples... how could they confuse a head collar with a muzzle...

    I'm glad things are going well, Tanner! I wanna see new pics of you -- I'm sure you're growing up so fast!

    Woofs & hugs,