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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Playing Outside

I know today is Thursday, but I have to tell you about something wonderful that happened to me on Tuesday.

Mom took me on an outing.  Just Mommy and Me!  We went to the pet store!

I had fun seeing all the new people and toys and my friend Sammy.  Mommy and I left with a full bag.  We had a good time at the pet store, but, I didn’t know that the best fun was yet to come.

Mommy bought me a 20’ tie out cable, and a new ball so we could play outside!!!!


We played outside with my frisbee and the ball for a long, long, long time.  At first, I couldn’t run fast enough to catch my flying toys.  Then, I brought it back to Mom so she could throw it again.   She seemed so excited to have me come running back to her.


Dad even came out and joined us for a while.

tannerand dad

But, after a while, I got tired.  I had all I could do to go and get the toy.  I brought it back slowly and just layed on the ground and started to chew on it. 

Mom said I had done enough and she put me down for a nap.  I dreamed of balls and frisbees and sunshine until it was time to go to puppy class!

That was my exciting day on Tuesday!



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