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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A busy day… for everyone but me!

Yesterday started in the usual way.  Mommy and I got up around 7 am.  We had breakfast, did some training and went for a walk.  We were back home at the usual time.

I got my drink and laid down on the floor to cool off.

But that is where things started to go differently.  Mommy told me to go in my crate, gave me a treat and she and Daddy left the house!!!  That just does not happen here.  Sometimes Mommy leaves in the morning to run errands, but Daddy never leaves.

When Mommy got home, she said that Daddy had a doctor’s appointment.  She and Daddy had lunch, then she put me in my crate AGAIN!  She wasn’t gone too long this time.  And she came back with yummy cheese cake.

We went down in to our work room for a while.  Mommy seemed a bit upset.  I found out that she had broken her camera.  Yes, the one she uses to take all the photos you see here.  She was looking on line for a new one to replace it.

And she put me in my crate AGAIN!!!!!

She was gone about 2.5 hours this time.  She came back with a new camera, but had to rush to get it ready to use.  We needed to have supper, get my walk in and get to clicker tricks class.

Needless to say, I was a bit over/underwhelmed at class.  So Mommy and I just showed some tricks I had learned.  Then we watched the others work on some new stuff.

Here is my buddy Magnum learning to “roll over”

Magnum Rolls Over!!!

And here is Lucy learning to “play dead”


Lucy’s mom ordered a new collar for her.  And Mommy delivered it last night.  Here is what she looks like wearing it.


And me, well, I just got back from the groomer.  I had a nice bath, got my nails trimmer and feel really good. 

This time, there was no “sissy bow”.  Look what I got:


An R,W,B Bandana to match my summer collar.  In fact, the groomer liked my collar so much, she asked Mommy for a brochure.  It has been a pretty good morning.

Hope your day goes as well.

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Hey Tanner, it isn't too bad staying in my crate while my family goes out, but I just miss them way too much. That's the bad part. :(

    Baths are good, but I've never had anyone other than my family give me one -- what's that like?

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Woofs & hugs,


  2. Poor Tanner, stuck in the crate! I bet you enjoyed yourself at the groomers though, even if you were overexcited in class :)

  3. Glad you were able to get another camera. We couldn't go too long without seeing pics of our buddy!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  4. hey Tanner,

    Sorry you had such a hard day yesterday, with your mom and dad running in and out and leaving you alone. And sorry about your mom's camera, that is no fun. But cheesecake...*drool....yummy....!

    Your buddies Magnum and Lucy are very cute! And you look smashing after your spa treatment in your new bandanna! Lovely!


  5. On no! A broken camera is awful. Glad you could replace it - did you get the same kind or something different?

  6. I'm so glad your Mom was able to go right out and get a new camera. How else would we see how cute you look in your new spiffy bandana!

  7. Phew Tanner,

    So happy you didn't get a sissy bow! How embarrassing!

    Sorry to hear about Mum's broken camera, guessing you had nothing to do with it breaking!? :)

    Have a fun day pal,

    Snoopy :)