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Monday, June 13, 2011

If I have to stay in the car…

Mommy says I have to stay home!  As much as I like ot be with Mommy and go everywhere she goes, Mommy says that is how it has to be right now.  It’s summer time and it gets really hot in the car really fast.

Thanks to Bailey and Nala, I took the Pledge to stay cool!  Here is the photo that Mommy and I submitted. 


Drop over to My Dog is Cool . com and you can take the pledge too!!

Puppy Kisses,


P.S.  This does not mean that I will be stuck at home all summer.  There are a lot of places that are dog-friendly.  So we do plan on doing a lot of trips together.


  1. Good job Tanner! We are going to take the pledge too!

  2. Hey Tanner - where did you get the poster in your photo - we looked on the My Dog is Cool site but couldn't find it?

  3. My hoomies leave the air-conditioner in the car on for us during hot days but it still gets warm-ish in the car because the air-cond isn't as cold as it should be. I'll go take the pledge too!

  4. Hi Tanner,

    I'm glad to see why it's for your own good that you get left behind some times! I also prefer to stay at home when they're going somewhere non-Dog Friendly!! Can't believe such places exist!! Doh!! :)

    Have a fun, cool day buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. We've been getting left behind lately too. We just don't understand, but mom says it's what's best for us. I hope summer passes quickly where we can be mom's shadows again!! And check out our blog to get your award!!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  6. We have to stay home when it gets hot too, except it hasn't gotten hot yet! What's up with that?

    Seriously, too many dogs and babies are left in hot cars. It's not that hard to understand the concept, but.......

  7. Mom and Dad do take us to dog friendly places, but we never stay in the car, either.

  8. You can download the banner here: http://www.mydogiscool.com/downloads/MDIC-Pledge.pdf