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Join me on my journey as I grow to become part of my pack/family. We'll have a lot of fun along the way! Hopefully, I can make you laugh.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I humbly accept …

On behalf of myself and my Mommy, I gratefully and humbly accept this award!!


Thank you so very very much Boondocks and Kudzu!  Mommy and I are so humbled that you thought of us!

Now for the 10 blogs that we want to honor.  This was hard for us, because we are new to the blogging world.  And many of the blogs that have inspired us have already received the award from another site.

So let me start by mentioning those:

Baileybegood.com:  Bailey, you and your Mommy are pretty much the reason that Mommy and I are here blogging.  I can’t think of a more deserving family to receive this award.  You guys opened your hearts to us every day.  And you watch our backs too!!  Way to go!

Boondocks the Wonder Dog:  You and your family inspire us beyond belief.  You are not afraid to take on new challenges and move forward.  Way to go!!

Four Legged Views:  Burt is also an inspiration to me.  He loves to make friends and share with other dogs.

Sugar the Golden Retriever:  Mommy and I love the yummy treat recipes that you freely share with all of us!!

BZ Training:  Henry, Zachary and their mom share a wide variety of photos that show us the beauty of the world around us.

Snoopy’s Dog Blog:  I love the way you look at life.  You have so much fun!!!

Amber’s Personal Diary:  Amber Mae, you, River and Chloe have inspired Mommy and me to want to try Freestyle!! 

Suka’s Just Sayin’:  Thanks for sharing not only your life and point of view, but also the beautiful things you see in the world around you.

The (mis)adventures of Sage:  Thanks for showing us all that it is okay to get dirty and clean again!

According to Gus:  You have inspired us with your courage to step out, leave your comfort zone and explore the world.   Have a great journey.

Well, those are my 10.  Sorry there are some repeats mentioned by others, but … well, I am just a puppy !!  (that’s my excuse and I am sticking with it!!)

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Thanks, Tanner!!! Sniffs and slurps for you, dawg!!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  2. Awww, Tanner! Thank you so much. I am so glad that you came into your family's lives. Trust me when I tell you, that they need you as much as you need them. :)

    I am so glad that you've joined the doggie blogging world, as I have found that there is just no other like it.

    Big woofs & hugs,


  3. hey Tanner,

    Congratulations on your beautiful award! It is so fitting and you are so very deserving! I love your blog, and I love reading about you and seeing your beautiful photos!

    And thank you so much for honoring me with this wonderful award! I am very touched by your kind words, and I am glad to read you enjoy my blog. Thank you!

    You picked great pups to receive the award. I don't know all of them, which I will have to remedy, but the ones I do know are great choices. You have such good taste! And I am so furry happy that we have become friends! :->



  4. Congratulations on your lovely award, Tanner & thank you so much for passing it on to us! I am happy to know that we've inspired you to start doing some some Canine Freestyle too. Anytime you need my advice for anything regarding freestyle, tricks, etc...just ask me! I'll be glad to hep you out!

  5. Congrats. I am glad you joined the blogging world. You have lots to share.

  6. Hey Tanner,

    Thanks sooooo much for the award, I'm truly honoured buddy!! I'm so happy I got to connect with you through blogging....

    Big wuffs,

    Your pal Snoopy :)