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Monday, June 20, 2011

Today I am 7 Months old!

MJ did the math this morning (better him than me).  He says I am now about 4 years old in people years.  Mommy says my party will be later today.  I have already gotten a special breakfast treat – peanut butter granola in my breakfast bowl.  But the real goodies will come with supper. 

So, till then, Mommy thought I should share some videos with you.  The first one is me checking out a special box that Mommy keeps in “Our room” (that is the place where Mommy makes all the crafty stuff and I sleep on the futon).  Mommy keeps the ready-to-wear collars in this box, but I could swear I smell food in it.

Tanner and the box

The second video is Mommy and me playing tug.  I don’t get too rough with Mommy.  She isn’t much bigger than me, so I have to be careful.


Tomorrow, I'll post photos of my birthday treats.  I know they will be yummy!!  Wish I could really share them with all of you!!

Puppy Kisses,




  1. Hey Tanner, thanks for the vote to make My Vickie go camping.

    I love the videos of you, especially the one playing with your human.

    My Vickie only plays tug with me once in a while. I guess I get a little rough and pull her off her feet.

    So be careful with your mom


  2. OOOH Tanner you are such a sweetie! Happy 7 Months Old!! Can't wait to see your treats!

  3. Happy seven month birthday!!

    Boondocks and Kudzu

  4. Awww, happy 7 month birthday, Tanner!! I loved watching your videos -- you're too cute!

    Woofs & hugs,


  5. Happy 7 months!!! Hope you get some nice pressies!

  6. Doh, you'd have thought your Mum could have helped you check out that box hey?! What if there had been some treats in there?!

    I also wish you could share your birthday treats with us - Tee Hee - have a very happy 7 month bday buddy!

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Oooo birthday treats! Happy 7th month birthday Tanner!

  8. Happy 7 month birthday Tanner.

    -Katy & Bailey