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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Weigh In


Can you believe that June is almost over?  It is the end of the month and Mommy wanted to take me to the Vet to check my weight.


Mommy’s car is a lot bigger than Daddy’s.


I wasn’t really sure how to get in.  Mommy had to help me a bit!


But, I made it and boy, is it a comfy seat!!  But it is high up!!


When we got to the Vet, I was anxious to go inside.


Mommy put me on the scale, and this is what it said!!!

I have gained 11 lbs since I had my surgery!!

Boy and I growing Big!!


I even got to see my favorite Vet Tech, C.

It was a great trip!!


Now for a nap!

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Wow Tanner, 11 lbs. Your are really growing up. :)

  2. Aw - going to the vet always earns a nice long nap afterwards!

  3. Way to go Tanner - you are doing so well and it's always fun when you get to see your favorite peeps

  4. Wowserz, Tanner! You're getting to be a BIG boy, aren't you? ;)

    Woofs and hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  5. hey Tanner,

    Yay on your weight gain! You are maturing into such a strong, handsome pup! And so furry happy you were able to see your fav Vet Tech. :->

    You look so cute napping! I hope you got some treats, too, since they will help you grow even stronger (well, that is what I woof to my human to get her to give me more treats!). :->


  6. Wow Tanner,

    You are getting big, I just weigh 47lbs - I look bigger cos of all my fluffy fur!

    Mum was happy I wasn't 50lbs when I went to the vets last week as the price of my surgery would have gone up - Haha :)

    Have a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)