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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mischief Monday

Yes, I got into some. 

It was on New Year’s Eve.  Mommy and Daddy were watching TV.  I had noticed these wonderful smelly things on the TV stand for several days.  I had nuzzled them a couple of times, but that is where it stopped.  To tell you the truth, the one on the right is rather warm, so I decided to stay away from that one. 

But the one on the left…..   That was another story. 

I planned my attack carefully.  First, I played with some of my toys.  Then I sniffed a few other things on the TV stand.  Then….. I started to sniff them!!!!

They smelled so yummy, I decided to try a nibble!

I got in a few tastes before Mommy spotted me.  She called me away, but I went back again when she was not looking. (That’s when she took this photo). 

I nibbled a few more times.  “Maybe she wasn’t serious”, I thought.  But she was.

The flowers got moved to a table that is out of my reach.  And to make matters worse, Mommy put ‘the board’ in front of them just incase I decided to try.

I guess all things that smell like grass are not mine to eat.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Doggy Kisses,


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  1. Temptations are so hard to resist Tanner. You just were going where you nose led you. Hope you find something you can chop on that is okay!

  2. Did they taste as good as they smelled? -Bongo

  3. I hope the nibbles you did get were good. Maybe you can figure out a way around that board. LOL!

  4. Oh man...a board! I am always trying to sneak thing off the kitchen table. I am small, but if the chair has been left out just a little bit, it gives me my chance! BOL!!


  5. hey Tanner,

    Yeah, that is a lesson all us pups learn. Not everything is ours. Go figure! Doesn't seem right to me, but what is a pup to do?

    Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you and yours much happiness, laughter, love, health, success, and for you - many yummy treats, new toys, and fun walks and adventures!


  6. I just don't get why humans insist on teasing us by placing stuff we can't eat within range of our sniffers. Isn't that the point??? HUMPH!

    Oh well, Happy New Year, friend!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  7. Oh no. Seems to us a nibble wouldn't hurt. :)

    the 2 brown dawgs

  8. Uh-oh sounds like yo got busted Tanner! Happens here all the time:)

  9. Doh Tanner,

    Isn't it frustrating when you find something yummy only to have it 'moved' out of reach!! Huh?

    Hope you had a fun time over the holidays,

    Your pal Snoopy :)