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Monday, January 16, 2012



Hi!  This is Tanner’s Mommy, Beth!  I am doing Tanner’s blog post today because he is not feeling well.

Tanner had some plans for some really fun posts this week.  He wanted to tell you all about going to the Dog Park to play and the funny outfits Daddy and I wore to keep warm in the 20 degree temperatures.

But today we have to tell you about something more important. 

Last night, Tanner, his Daddy and I were going for our evening walk.  We had not gotten very far from home where Tanner saw a neighbor walking the other way and stopped to say “Hello”.

I was focused on Tanner.  I wanted to be sure he behaved like a Canine Good Citizen.  And he was doing very well.

All of a sudden, another dog came charging from behind us and latched on to Tanner.  This dog has “attacked” him before, but we were able to separate them pretty quickly and without injury that time.  This time, we were not.

Tanner’s Daddy and I struggled and struggled for what seemed like forever to get the other dog off of Tanner.  The dog had hold around his cheek/neck area and we were terrified of what it was doing to him.  We yelled for help and did everything we could think of.  Five neighbors came to help us.  One man was walking two Doberman’s and he had a chain that we used to get the other dog off of Tanner.  Then, I sent another neighbor to get the owners of the attacking dog.  The adults did not appear to be home.  Just the kids and 21 year old son.  I told them to take that dog in their house and get it away from us before it could attack again.

While two other neighbors helped me with Tanner who was alert and very clingy,  I called 911.   Daddy went to get the car.  We drove 45 minutes to the ER Vet.  And waited to be seen.

Tanner started acting more playful while we waited.  He wanted everyone to rub his belly.  He kept rolling on his back and exposing his underside.  This made it easy for us to check for injuries on his underside.  We did not find any, but we were still concerned.  When he was seen, Dr. C wanted to shave his cheek and check around the ear for injuries.  Because they were going to “sedate” Tanner, Dr. C told us to do and get something to eat while he worked.  I really did not want to leave, but I knew I had to eat so I could be there for Tanner when he needed me.

While we were at dinner, we got a call from the Vet.  They wanted to also add a drain to help the wounds heal better.  We told them to go ahead.

We got our boy back around 10:15 last night, and we brought him home.

Here is a shot of him relaxing in his sleep space last night:

1-15 full body

Thank heaven for good pain meds.

He did wake me up several times last night whining and dreaming.  I know this attack has really effected him.  It has also affected us.

I want to post some photos of his face, but I want you to be able to “not see” them if you choose.  So I will post them further down on the page.  Page down if you want to see them.

Daddy and I are working on plans to fence in our yard and keep him here to play.  We will not be walking without a heavy club and a chain of some sorts.  Even if we walk without Tanner, we will be well prepared. 

Tanner is going to recover and so are we, but it is going to take time.

Tanner is getting lots of love and petting and TLC.  We are so grateful that we still have him.

Thanks for letting me share this with you and thanks for your care and concern.  It is wonderful to know that We are so connected to so many people around the world and we love you all.

Love, Huggs and Kisses,

Beth and Tanner

(Keep paging down if you want to see the photos.  If not, we completely understand.)

This is Tanner’s beautiful face after the attack.  You can see the two drains that were put in to help drain any possible infection.  They come out in Three Days.



  1. I so sorry this happened to Tanner. Sending him lots of good wishes and healing thoughts. And sending Tanner's family gentle hugs.

    Do not let the owners of the dog that attacked him get off without conquences. They should pay for the vet bills and their dog should be reported to animal control. I hate owners like that.

  2. Oh no! Poor Tanner. I will keep him in my thoughts for a full recovery. So what is going to happen to the attacking dog and are the people going to pay the vet bills? If nothing else, you should report the attack to the authorities because next time it could be a kid.

    Our worst fear is an attacking dog from someone's yard. We have a bully dog in our neighborhood that has attacked Thunder on several occasions. Of course now that Thunder is big, he won't put up with it and will retaliate. We have told the owner's of bully-dog to keep him locked up, but they never do. They just don't get it. I saw a girl walking bully-dog yesterday with a cell phone on her ear and a super long lead and bully-dog extended clear to the end. Glad we weren't out walking that day.

  3. Tanner!! My mommy already spoke to your mommy, but I wanted to tell you personally that Nala and I wish this had NEVER HAPPENED!! This is like a nightmare waiting to happen in our neighborhood. We are gonna keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers and hope that big, bad dog never gets out again!!

    Biggest woofs & hugs, my friend!

    Love, Bailey & Nala (Yep, we're girls!)

  4. It is a real shame when you can't even walk your dog in your own neighborhood because people let their dogs run loose. I am glad that Tanner will be ok, physically. I fear that it will take him a long time to get over the trauma.

    We keep our furbabies in a fenced yard but watch out for larger dogs that could potentially jump the fence and get to them. My Bandit is territorial and would try to attack. I fear he would be a goner with a larger dog.

  5. Oh my goodness, I sure hope Tanner is doing better ral soon and that he can go back and have some new adventures to tll us about. I am real sorry that this happened to you! It is so scary when you can't even wal in your own neighborhood. We will be thinking about you all!

  6. That poor baby - and all of you, too! I am a member of the group Bead Patterns Boutique and saw your post. This is just beyond wrong! Thank God your fur baby will recover - what if a small dog was the victim? It would not have survived.My thoughts and prayers are coming your way.

  7. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{TANNER/BETH/TANNER'sDAD}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    We are SO sorry this happened, Good Buddy! We will be praying lots of prayers for all of you, especially Tanner. You've come such a long way, Tanner...you'll heal well and we pray the trauma will go away too! We're here if you need us. This is awful and I hope charges can be made against the owners of the attack dog - they should pay for the vet bill!
    Love, Hugs and LOTS of Prayers!!
    Carol and Barkley

  8. Hi new friend we are so so sorry to hear about the attack. How horrifying poor baby. All our paws are crossed for you
    Benny & Lily

  9. Oh dear, so very sorry to hear about Tanner. Give him some belly rubs and a hug from us.

  10. OMG! I am sooo sorry! Your poor baby! You must have been devastated! I hope something is done about that other dog and it's owners! Heal quickly Tanner our thoughts are with you!

  11. I didn't read this when you first posted it...oh this was just awful!!!!!! Poor Tanner and to you both too. Such a shock indeed! That has always been my fear to be on a walk and being attacked by a stray dog or even one that is just off leash with it's owner who only thinks they have a trained dog...we know those types....

    I think sometimes I should carry some pepper spray as I wouldn't want to be bit while I was trying to get the other dog off.

    Oh this is just so sad....Tanner you take care and your family will do everything they can to keep you comfortable and to heal.

  12. I, too, had to go back a bit to "catch up". Poor Tanner--I hope it's not going to cause some fears in him. Our thoughts are with you!