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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before and After

Mommy has been pretty busy lately.  Between taking care of me, walking me, training me…. and all the other stuff she has to do for the family, she keeps going all day long.

That leaves me a lot of time to rest.  I love to sleep under Mommy’s work table.  But, I have to admit, as I grow, the space seems to be getting smaller.001

So, I have recently discovered this high, soft place in Mommy’s work room where I can also take my naps.  Mommy calls it the “Futon”. 

I like to play on it with my toys, and then I can take a nap.  I have noticed these soft fluffy things on either end, but never paid much attention to them…. till yesterday.

Boy are they comfy!!!  And the massage from MR didn’t hurt either.


After my nap, we had supper and our walk.  Then, we went to Rita’s again.  It was raining in really funny ways last night.  But while we were are Rita’s, this is what we got to see:


MJ calls it a “Circle Light.”  I just think it was really pretty.

I am participating in the Saturday Blog Hop again this week.  Please join me in checking out what my friends are doing today.


  1. Hello from a fellow golden puppy! Beautiful double rainbow, dude! Have an awesome weekend!


  2. Lovely, Tanner! My mommy has lots of rainbow pics. I think the sky is an amazing thing... I could look at it forever. :)

    Happy woofs & weekend hugs,


  3. That futon looks perfect & if you stack the pillows together you can make a nice nest!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. I miss seeing those double rainbows!

    Sounds like the futon is a perfect place for a nap! You get to sprawl all out and be comfy!!

  5. That futon is a great find, Tanner! You were really outgrowing the space under your Mom's work table. You look so cute with your head on the pillow. Gus loves to lay his head on pillows, or anything that could serve as a pillow.