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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pay Attention to Me, Please!!!

This is how I get Mommy’s attention when we are on our walks and she stops to talk to someone.


I hope I don’t get too much taller, because I won’t fit between her knees. 

The good part is, she still giggles when I do it!  But she doesn’t always stop visiting, so I just sit or lay down and wait!


But, last night was sooooo worth the wait.  See that red pole at my head?  We are waiting in line at Mommy’s favorite desert place.  We are at Rita’s.  I was sooo good, Mommy let me have a special treat.

Up till now, I thought they only had biscuits for us puppies.  But last night, I got something called a “Puppy Cup”

004Boy, was it good.  It had my usual biscuit in it and some wonderful frozen custard!!!

I couldn’t believe how much was in that cup.  Halfway through, I had to look at Mommy and just say “Thanks.”


Mommy had to hold the cup between her feet because I kept sliding it around. 


It was sooo very yummy that I could not keep my tongue in my mouth on the drive home.

I guess getting older has its perks. 

Puppy Kisses,


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  1. Oh oh - now you have tasted it you will be wanting it ALL the time. Ice-cream or frozen custard is soooooooooooooo good.