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Friday, May 13, 2011

I Passed!

Last night marked the last night of my 12 weeks of Puppy Manner’s class!  And guess what?  I passed!!

Here’s my certificate to prove it.

Puppy Manners Certificate

See! That’s my name there at the top.  And Mommy’s name is in the middle.  And my trainer’s name is at the bottom!!

Even though I am happy about passing, I am no where near finished with my training.  On Wednesday, we are going to start “Clicker Tricks” with Marta and my friend Gretchen. 

And next Saturday, I will try to pass my Canine Good Citizen Test.  I am not really sure how I will do.  I can’t wear my head collar for the test, and sometimes I get confused without it to remind me. 

But Mommy says she will be by my side and we will have fun trying.  We have some skills to work on this week, so we will be taking one more level 3 class on Tuesday.  I’ll let you know how I do.

Just for fun, here are some new photos of my friends.


This is Willie, wearing the collar Mommy made for him.


Here’s a close-up of Willie’s collar.  It is like mine, only the colors are reversed and his has his name on it!


And, here’s Gretchen with her red head collar on.  She looks really pretty that way.


And, here I am after my evening walk.  I just laid on the floor and panted.  I was too tired to chew my bone.  It was a great walk!

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Yay! Congrats Tanner! It's so awesome to get a certificate!

    I was gonna comment on yesterday's post, but Blogger removed the past couple of days...boo to them! I hope they put them back on soon. :)

    Happy woofs & weekend hugs,


  2. Well done Tanner - what a great achievement and no doubt more to come !

  3. Congratulations, Tanner! I'm sure you'll do great on CGC!! Can't wait to hear all about it.


  4. Woohoo Tanner!!

    I'm so impressed - I haven't even got a certificate with my name on - very cool Buddy!!

    I'm so glad your site is working again, I've been getting frustrated I couldn't say hi to you over here these last few days....

    Hope you're having a great weekend Buddy,

    Wags from Snoopy :)

  5. Congratulations on the certificate, and good luck on the CGC!

  6. Congratulations on passing! And good luck on the CGC test!

  7. Pshew, you look like one tired dog, Tanner. That's a lot of training and you are doing great!!

  8. Hey Tanner, Thanks for comin by and wishin me Happy Birthday. I am looking forward to a Birthday week like Vickie promised and now because of you, I get to pull one extra day out of her.

    I am sure you will do great on your CGC. You seem like a very smart pup.

    I passed my CGC but I was older than you. Mostly cause when it was time for the test, I ate a rock and the doctor had to take it out. i was on bed rest when they gave the test.

    So my advice to you is.....Don't be a rock eater.....and you'll do great on your test.

    By for now

  9. Way to go Tanner! Was there any doubt that you would pass? Not from us! Have fun on your next test, and good luck.

  10. Congratulations! The start of many great things, I'm sure!