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Monday, May 23, 2011

I Passed! And got to go on a Picnic!

Yes!  It’s true!  On Saturday, May 21, 2011, I, Tanner Charles, passed my Canine Good Citizen Test!

CGC paperwork

Here is the paperwork to prove it!   Mommy and I worked really hard.  She was so happy, she went home and ordered me a new tag that says I am a Canine Good Citizen!  I was just happy to get the last of my puppy cakes for lunch!


We took some time to rest in the early afternoon.  Then we packed up and headed for my first picnic.  It was at a place called “the Cottage”.  Apparently, Mommy and Daddy have been there many many times before and had lots of fun.  They were excited, so, I got excited too.


When we got to the cottage, I discovered that I had a new cousin.  Her name is Annie.  She was an anniversary gift from Uncle D. to Aunt J.  They had just gone to pick her up.  She is a rescue dog.  She is really happy, but really shy too.

janet and annie

Here’s a picture of Aunt J. with Annie.  (Annie is short for Anniversary!)


We had a good time at the cottage.  Daddy and Aunt J. talked and shared some photos with each other while I ran around on the porch.


And Annie curled up by my water bowl and took a nap.  I remember how tiring it can be to come to a new family, so I let her sleep.


Later in the day, we got to see some geese walking down by the creek.  There were two big ones and 4 small ones.


I got really excited to try to see them!


I had a lot of fun at the picnic.  But by the time they turned the pretty light on, I was worn out.  So I curled up on a mat and took a nap.


And so did Annie!


Today, I am at the vet for the day.  I am not sure why, but Mommy says it will be okay and she will be back to get me soon.  I’ll let you know what happens when I get home.

Puppy Kisses,



  1. well done buddy - that is pawsome and well deserved !

  2. Woof! Woof! Golden Congrats!!! Guess What? I also went to a picnic it is called PETNIC (on my blog post today). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. That sure sounds like a great picnic! Congratulations on earning your CGC!! That's a major accomplishment.

    I hope your vet visit went well--we'll check back to see!!

  4. That is super awesome news! Congratulations, Tanner! Now you can add that CGC title at the back of your registered name so it will look a lot cooler. TEE HEE

    That cottage place looks like a very place! I wish I could go there too.

  5. hey Tanner,

    Congratulations! What a pawsome accomplishment! Your humans must be so proud of you!

    How fun to go on a picnic! Loved the photos, and loved meeting your new cousin Annie. She is beautiful! And you are super sweet to let her sleep as she adjusts to her new life. I wish her the best!

    Good luck at the V-E-T today!


  6. Congrats on the CGC Tanner! The picnic looks fun. And the vet...hmm....

  7. Congratulations Tanner!! You're a star!! Woohoo!!

    Sounds like you've got a great new buddy in Annie.....

    I hope it goes well at the vets today, bet you can't wait for your Mum to come back to get you :)

    Wags from your pal Snoopy :)

  8. Congrats on passing your test Tanner! I hope you did okay at the vet today. You will be happy to get home, but you have to take it easy for a few days.

  9. Yay Tanner! I knew you could do it. :)

    Mommy told me about your day at the vet... I hope you're back up and running around in no time! :)

    Woofs & hugs,


  10. Congratulations!!! Did you know they have "tags" on AKC's website for you to use as a button on your blog? Check it out!!