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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Family Room

This weekend, I got to go somewhere new.  It is called “The Family Room”.

family room 012

It is a really big room in the basement of our house.  It has a big tv, which I like to watch, and lots of room for me to play with my toys.

family room 014

family room 013

Mommy has a chair that has two seats beside each other.  The seats rock, but I can get up and sit beside her.  She does something on the side of the chair and the chair gets bigger.  I can lay down and play there too.

family room 007

Yes, I do still think Mommy’s hand is the best chew toy in the world, but I am getting better about that.  When Mommy yells “ouch” I let go.

family room 010

The footrest thing is also a great place for me to rest my keys while I chew on them.  They only fell through the crack once. 

There is this one thing in the family room that I am not too sure about.  It has the orange colors moving inside it and it feels pretty warm when I get close to it.  I don’t really think I want to get close to it too often.  But it does keep the basement nice and warm.

more shots 005

Special News

Mommy and I just found out that we won the contest the Gus was running on his site.  The contest was sponsored by www.poopbags.com.  They look like such a great way to be more green on our walks.

Thanks, Gus for having the contest!!!

Puppy Kisses,


1 comment:

  1. Oh my, Tanner -- you've gotten so big! I think you're gonna be bigger than me.

    Your tail must be getting bigger too -- I need tips on how to keep my tail to myself. ;)

    Congrats on the contest!

    Be sure not to get too close to the orange stuff!

    Woofs & hugs,