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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sloppy Saturday & A visit with the Easter Bunny

The weather here has been really soggy. 

Level III class 010

This was the view outside my front window on Friday.  The trees were budding, the sun was shining and there was even a robin in the yard.


And this is what it looked like on Saturday morning.  Can you see all the puddles?


This is the back yard and the really grey sky.

Mommy had heard that it was supposed to be bad weather.  And she knew I still needed to go for my walk.  So, one time while I took a nap, she went to the store and bought herself a pair of new boots.  She says they will keep her feet really dry.


Even though we got A Lot of rain yesterday, I still got to go for my walks.  In the morning it was raining and Mommy only took me for a short walk.  But in the afternoon, we hit a break in the storm.  We got to go for our full walk.  Mommy said it was good for me to spend some time in the wind to get used to the noises storms make.

The Easter Bunny

Mommy and HS took me on a car trip today.  We went to the pet store to get my picture taken.  I got to meet some other dogs and this guy.

Easter Bunny photo

As the guy who took my picture said, “A 6 foot white rabbit does not freak me out!'” Especially when there is a nice lady from the German Shephard Rescue giving me treats from a big bag in her hand.

Puppy kisses,



  1. Oh Tanner, that picture with you and the huge bunny cracked me up! It's amazzzzing! You're so lucky you got to see him. I don't know if he'll be visiting our neighborhood, and even if he did... I'd probably not want to get too close to him anyway!

    Woofs & hugs,


  2. I know all the rain can be miserable, but the upside is that beautiful GREEN grass. I wish ours was so green!

    Hope you had a great weekend!