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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rest-ful Day

Yesterday, I was really tired.  I let Mommy sleep in till 7:30.  We got up, went out, had breakfast, went for a walk, and then….

001 (2)

I took a nap on the futon!

002 (2)

Mommy thought I looked really peaceful!

Then we had supper, took a walk, went to the puppy store,


And I took another nap.

But, Mommy says she got a lot of work done while I rested.  She wanted me to give you a sneak peak of some new collars that I will be sporting soon.


I can’t wait till she finishes them!  Guess I should take naps more often!

Puppy Kisses,


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  1. Futons are soooo comfy!! MT has one in her room, and I've pretty much made it my puppy bed. ;)

    Woofs & hugs,