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Friday, April 22, 2011

Training Continues

I have been to training class twice this week.  I really love to see my friends.  I am lucky that Mommy likes to be early for things.  That way I get to play with some of my friends before class.


Lou and I wanted to play so badly.  We kept sneaking closer and closer together. 

Here we are “sneaking” closer and closer together.

Then Magnum came.  He brought a fuzzy duck toy.  Fleuri wanted to play too.


So she walked right over to him and took hold of the end.  You can tell they have been friends for a while.  Not all doggies are so good about sharing toys.


They played Tug with the toy.  I watched, and thought about trying to get involved.  When I did, Mommy had to put the camera down, so I don’t have a picture.


During class, we are having fun too.  Marta, my trainer, let me run through the tunnel.  She stayed with me at one end.  And MR went to the other.  When she called me I took off running.  All you can see in this shot is my tail and hind end going in.


MR met me on the other end and gave me a yummy treat!


Another fun thing we did at class was to have all the Mommy’s have us puppies sit and stay.  Then they crawled away from us.  As you can see, Magnum isn’t too sure why his mommy is crawling on the floor.  But Lou is taking a nap.  You can see her paws in the back.

Training class is a lot of fun.  I don’t ever want to stop going.  Hope Mommy can find something fun for me to do after this class ends.

Well, I need to go help Mommy clean to get ready for the weekend.  See how I help with the dusting?


Puppy Kisses,




  1. Hi Tanner! Looks like you're doing fabulous in class! Awesome that you've made so many friends! It definitely makes classes that much better. :)

    Happy Earth Day to you!

    Woofs & hugs,


  2. Going to training twice in one week, you are really taking your training serious! Meeting great friends there is also a bonus.

  3. Wow! Going to training is a lot of fun and TWICE in one week is even better!! I love tunnels too--I'm always wanting to go through them when I'm at my agility training.