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Friday, April 15, 2011

Level III–Night One

Last night I started Level III class at My K9 Buddy with some of my friends.  I was not sure I was going to make it to class because Mommy and Daddy had a “family urgency” in the afternoon.   They put me in my crate at a time when I am not usually in my crate, and left the house.

But, they got home just in time for Mommy to take me to class.  I guess that is the benefit of living right across the street from the training place.

In Level III, one of the biggest things we do is WALK!   I am supposed to stay beside Mommy and keep my leash loose.  Because Mommy was alone with me last night, she does not have pictures of me walking.  But here are some shots of my friends.

Level III class 002

This is Dozer and his mom, Aimee.  See how well he pays attention to his mommy?

Level III class 003

This is Fleurie and her Mommy.  Her Mommy puts spray cheese on a wooden spoon to give her treats because Fleurie walks so close to the ground.

Level III class 004

This is Magnum and his mom, Valerie.  Magnum is a real pro at “loose leash walking”

Level III class 006

And this is my friend, Gretchen and her mommy.  Yes, I said “friend”.  Since the first time we met, we have gotten to sniff each other and play a bit.  Now, I am not scared of her anymore.  Here she is sitting beside her mommy.

Level III class 008

When Mommy and I got home from class, she fed me supper, then took me for a walk.  I was so tired, this is how I spent the time while she was making herself something to eat.  She had to step over me more than a few times to make supper for daddy.  But, I was really beat.

Level III class 009

This morning, I didn’t have a lot more energy.  All I was really interested in doing was having my belly rubbed.  But Mommy wanted to practice.  She got out the Cheese!!  I’ll do almost anything for cheese.

Level III class 010

It’s finally starting to look like springtime here.  So Mommy and I took a nice, long walk this morning.

Level III class 012

I like the smell of the flowers and the fresh cut grass.

Level III class 013

And I like to watch the birds as they move about.  Sometimes I forget why we are out for a walk.

Well, tomorrow it is supposed to be really rainy, so I am going to enjoy some more of the sunshine with Mommy.

Puppy Kisses,



  1. Cheese is a prized treat around here too!

  2. Oh, how Jack loves cheese! It's our high-value reward for new behaviors... he's never more focused than when I'm holding up some cheese!

  3. Looks like you're doing AWESOME in class, Tanner! So proud of you. :)

    I understand about the cheese... I'm exactly the same way! LOVE IT!

    Woofs & hugs,